Love, hate, wet pillows and stuff (02) by Akin.

She lay down on the bed, tears rolling down her face. She was angry. And sad. Frustrated. And all the other things you feel when you cheat on your lover who you still love. She couldn’t believe herself but she yearned for a man’s touch. And Williams had been willing. The sex was good. Awesome infact. But after the moaning and straddling and cursing, she felt ashamed. 

She felt like a whore. She had betrayed John. He could be cheating too. But that wasn’t a 

reasonable excuse. It wasn’t even an excuse at all. The sad part however, wasn’t that she 

cheated, but that she was hooked. She knew it would happen again. And again. And again. She turned the soaking wet pillow. Her phone beeped. She looked at the screen. It was 5:42pm. Exactly two hours and seven minutes since William made her scream like a wild animal as they both climaxed. A very passionate melody. She unlocked the phone and read John’s message. “Hey babe. I’ve got to stay an extra week ”. The crying emoji. 

“I’m so so sorry. I’ll make it up to you. Love you. XO XO. ❤.” She stared at the screen as the anger, sadness, frustration and all the other things came rushing back. In that moment, she made her decision as she typed. “Hey Will…”


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