Home: Tales Of Times Episode 5 by Nelz(The Hidden Pen)



Change!!!,sai baba!!!….*pause* almost got beaten by a man at the bank for saying that(where is freedom of speech abeg).

So I was reading “on becoming Toke ” and I remembered my former neighbours,why buys a DSTV when you have Papa and Mama Stella, those two where entertainment at its best.

The man was no drunkard,he was no cheat,nah,he was a weed smoker,yes you heard me.So when he is in Mars from his adulterated smokes emanating from his favourite stick(wrap) he becomes Arnold Schwartzneiger and his wife becomes mayweathers training bag and his wife raps too.It’s in the evening you get to hear knock on his already opened door and his cracked voice  saying….”Open the door make I train,I get match tomorrow”..yes he has a match to sleep on his bed and go out to smoke again and he is gona train on poor mama Stella.(Say not to female violation).

This recession seems to have affected everything even reduction in cognitive activities.I have a very stingy cousin, if at all he wants to give you something,you will have to sweat it out.So he approached me for a certain assignment given to them at work(feeling like the most intelligent in the family) and my memory flashed back to when I asked him for #1000 to subscribe and he said he can only give #300 saying “this is recession I don’t want to spend much so I can save for the future (someone that doesn’t have a bank account)” and this was my reply to him….”this is recession, I don’t want to use my brain too much so I can save some for my lecturers(thank God am alive and typing,he would have just killed me)

It’s really been a while here

Anticipate episode 6


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